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Attention coaches who want soul-led transformations for you and your clients!

Imagine '180-ing' your life, filling your cup to overflowing, being totally nourished, making more money, and having the easy life you keep wishing for.

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90 days to 180 your HEALTH, WEALTH, and RELATIONSHIPS so you can finally step into the life you desire.

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Imagine what you could create and the impact you could make if you weren't so run down?

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In this totally-here-for-you program there’s nothing you need to WORK at. There’s nothing you need to DO. 

I know this might seem like a fantasy because you are so used to chasing success, climbing the ladder, and hustling harder.


But in doing so, you have neglected the parts of you that desire nourishment. You have neglected the sacred mind-body-soul connection that ACTUALLY creates the life you desire without so much EFFORT.


Remember you are a human BEING, not a human doing.


Why are you always putting yourself, your wealth, your health, and your relationships last? 


When instead you could receive consistent nourishment from your soul that gives you… 


A deep and assured sense of self, no matter what’s going on around you…

A game-changing plan for personal development based on your Divine purpose and desires, not based on feelings of what you “should” be, or “should” do…


A strong mind, body, and soul connection for all-around wellness and health… 


An energetic way to relate to and build your community, so relationships inspire you instead of drain you.

And be doing fulfilling work that gives you MORE energy instead of counting the minutes until you can plop on the couch or snuggle back into bed. 

The SHE-E-O Accelerator is a deep healing AND productive space that allows you to live and lead from a state of flow, joy, and harmony.

Do you ever look around at your life and think “I’ve made it” — you have an amazing high-powered career, a beautiful house, a great life for your children… 


Yet, you’re left wondering — why aren’t I happy? 


What is the point of all of my hard work when I don’t have time for myself? 


What would it look like if you connected to something bigger than yourself? Bigger than the job that has you running the same hamster wheel. Bigger than the appointments to make, the logistics to sort out, the endless task list that never ends… 


The SHE-E-O Accelerator allows you to connect with your Divine purpose, and experience lasting transformation. 


This is 3 solid months of nourishment for the soul.


But what does that even mean? Have you ever felt like everything just clicked or something showed up for you with very little effort - that's what being in alignment is. 


Because when you feed your soul, you strengthen your ability to be in creation and have your reality align with the true vision you hold for yourself. 


You start to act out of love and joy, not fear and hate.


You start to live a life of purpose and have TOTAL CLARITY, instead of chasing material success, it just comes to you.




You start to lead from the soul and nourish the Divine Feminine within you.


The energy blocks that are keeping you stuck are not only loosened but removed. And you find yourself living the real-life version of that dream or intention you probably wrote down 500 times in a journal somewhere. 

This Accelerator will get you plugged back into the energetics of LIFE. 


Because you don’t always have to be exhausted, overwhelmed, and in pain. I promise! 


Instead, you can be, do, and have the life you imagine - without all the struggle and the push!!! 


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The SHE-E-O Accelerator is all About Creating that Dream Life with Joy, Ease, and Flow!

This program isn’t another thing you have to worry about adding to your to-do list. 


There’s no “keeping up”. 

(You’ve been “keeping up” enough in life — trying to keep up with your neighbors, your coworkers, your spouse.)


It’s not stressful. It’s not more work.


It’s just 100% nourishment for your soul, so you can start to heal from the inside out. 


You can feed your body and mind, but it’s when you nourish your soul that you start to activate your full potential.

Here is  how others have experienced
this work...

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Our work together helped me to become ‘whole’ and so when I have an occasional human moment of lower vibration energy and emotions, it doesn’t take root.  It’s like it passes through me and goes away.

-Jayla K., RN BSN CCRN

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 Thank you for helping me overcome depression.  You’ve given me the gift of hope and healing.  Your unique skillsets encouraged me to take care of myself and improve my relationships

-Kim M.

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I would recommend  SOUL INTELLIGENCE™  because there are emotional components to every part of healthcare and our daily lives. If we don’t address the emotional component you’re missing a piece of having someone recover especially from an injury or a trauma that has affected their ability to do their daily duties, functions, take care of their family, things of that nature.  SOUL INTELLIGENCE™  has a way of addressing that emotional component of their health problems.

-Dr. S. Komsky

Imagine waking up with tons of energy, where it's easy to get to the gym, you feel sexy no matter what you're wearing, your purpose at work or in your business is not only clear but expansively possible... and the passion you feel for life is greater than its ever been - you deserve this level of existence and it IS possible for you!


This Program Includes:

The SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ Accelerator details

The SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ Accelerator is a 3-month program that focuses on healing your connection to self, wealth, health, and relationships, so you can experience deep and lasting wellness. 


These four pillars of your being can either become walls that keep you stuck, or they can become the foundation through which you build and LIVE your ideal life.


12 Weekly SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ Group Sessions

that work gently to release your energy blockages and help you regain flow. Where we will also work together to move past some of our limiting beliefs, and workshop how we can incorporate the teachings of the month into our daily lives. 


One Group Soul Sync Session Per Month

This is a sacred space where the group can take some time together to discuss the monthly topic, talk about journal prompts, and discover what’s shifted for them over the month. This is THE space where spiritual people connect, and friendships are forged.  


One Full or New Moon Meditation Per Month

to align your intentions with the Universe.

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Get ready to receive...

A way to lead and love from the soul… these are tools for life!

A magical community of spiritual beings like yourself who are committed to the why behind the what.

Guidance from me on how to apply the SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ method to your everyday life.

A space that exists for YOU. That nourishes YOU.

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Private Slack Community

Access to a private Slack channel for discussing the program, connecting, laughing, and crying together.


Library Access

Library access to all sessions, in case you miss a session or need to review.


Guest Speakers

Guest speakers who will be sharing their knowledge with us.

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This is the nourishment you’ll receive:



This is the yummiest part of the program. 

Life is a relationship. Relationship to oneself, others, nature, the past, the present, the future.


Once you’ve fostered a deeper connection within, you’ll find that your relationships are more effortless, and that you’re able to nurture a deeper connection with those around you. 


You’ll build a solid foundation in your marriage, your friendships, and your relationships with your family. 


Imagine: relationships will no longer trigger you. Instead, they will NOURISH you as you cultivate your community.

Image by Bekir Dönmez



Create a space to nourish yourself. 

It doesn’t feel selfish — it’s essential.

It’s not about adding a list of things you “should” do, or chasing how you “should” feel. It’s about having a deeper mind-body-soul connection that brings you balance and joy.


You’ll feel more energized throughout the day, and you’ll no longer feel attached to under/over eating and sleeping, and other addictive behaviors.


It’s time for you to have mastery over your own health, and you’ll start to open up to greater psychic gifts, intuition, healing. The real magic will be the ability to really listen within and receive gifts from the Universe.



This month is all about working together to create a game-changing plan for personal development, in all areas of life. It’s about running your life, instead of your life running you. 


Your relationship with money and material possessions will completely transform. You will relate to money from a place of security and abundance, rather than lack and fear. 


Respark your creativity and feel connected again to that childlike manifestation ability where you dare to not only dream, but work towards making them a reality. 


It’s all about I CAN, and I WILL.

Image by William Farlow

What it’s worth:

Weekly sessions to nourish your soul


Support and guidance from me


A community of soul-led leaders

The tools to lead a life of harmony, love, and Divine purpose


Total worth: At LEAST $35,000

The PROGRAM is available to you for only:

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Pay in Full

3 Payments of

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DISCLAIMER: Workshops, private sessions, and products offered by Kristine Glein and Kristine Glein Coaching do not come with a guarantee. Kristine Glein's work is not a replacement for professional medical or psychological treatment and should not be used as a cure. Kristine Glein's work is independent of religion, race, color, and culture. These methods do not promote a cure and are not a replacement for any medical treatments, therapies, pre-existing doctor prescriptions, or other licensed health care. This statement waives any and all claims in connection with private consultations, workshops, and products now and in the future, against Kristine Glein.

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