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How to Up-level From Within

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SOUL INTELLIGENCE ® – How To Uplevel From Within, is an extended conversation between Kristine Glein and The SpeakEasy Method founder, Gregg Gonzales. Who, have known one another for several years but have aligned missions to help individuals in their own unique way.


Created from over fifteen hours of intimate recordings and production work, this e-book examines questions of health and wellness, personal awareness, self-love, and ultimately happiness.


It draws candidly on Kristine’s life, from her corporate background to the present day as a maverick within the functional medicine world, her loves, her work ethic, and her dramatic  transformation and evolution of the SOUL INTELLIGENCE ® program in an effort to
transform healing from the inside out.


Produced from a place of considered reflection, this book offers ladders of hope and inspiration from a true creative visionary.

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Yes! I Would Like My Free Copy of
How to Up-level From Within

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