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The ultimate shortcut to actually getting what you want out of life. 

Learn the energy hacks that boost your joy and create lasting transformation.

Discover the secrets to running your life, relationships, health, and business smoothly and with a lot less effort.

Experience a powerful healing that will clear what is blocking you right here, right now. 


Join me, Kristine Glein, in this FREE TAP INTO YOUR SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ Training 

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Are you or your clients feeling STUCK?


You started your business because you want to help people achieve true transformation, but there seems to be a block holding you back from creating the impact and results you really, really want. 


You are probably at a point where the energy has stopped flowing. 


It feels like you’re forcing things to happen instead of allowing and receiving what’s really meant for you.


I know what it’s like to wake up every day, go through the motions at work and at home… 

All the while wondering how can I truly live my life's purpose, feel joy more often and serve my clients so that my vision and mission of transformation is truly being fulfilled! 

You might be thinking... How did I end up here? 


Or your client is still asking you, why do I feel disconnected, out of alignment, still in pain in this one area? 


Why can’t I stay in joy and peace more of the time?


Why does life feel like a struggle sometimes?


You want to help people achieve happiness and fulfillment in their life, but instead, you feel trapped in the hustle culture of running your business.  


You launch program after program, chasing after that arbitrary $$$ that everyone tells you will signal success. 

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But you KNOW there is more to who you are and what you do not only in life but in your business too. 

You know how to make money, you know how to hustle harder, but the whole reason you started your business was to help people. 


To make an impact. To be a SOUL-LED leader. 


You know that there’s something more you’re meant to do.


Every time you try to push, hustle, make it work... there’s the block again. 


When your client is SO close to making a breakthrough, they turn back and regress. 


This isn’t just a coincidence. There is something very real going on here. 

In this The SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ Masterclass, you will uncover how to move past emotional blockages so you can show up for your clients and live your soul purpose.

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The only way to feel whole mentally, emotionally, and physically is to be aligned with your SOUL INTELLIGENCE™.

In our time together, I won’t just teach you about what your SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ is, but you will experience it! 


Bottom line, I know you want something more. 


And you know that you weren’t meant for a life of monotony and half-measures. 


The Power of your SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ is connecting to your most authentic self and your true purpose. AND HELP YOU DO THE SAME for your clients. 


OMG - this was a big missing I have seen out there. Training that helps with your business OR helps you go deeper with your clients. 




A big missing I have seen out there...
Training that helps with your business OR helps you go deeper with your clients. 




This covers both so wholistically.

When you develop your SOUL INTELLIGENCE™, you can lead with confidence, certainty, grace. 


 It’s SO MUCH MORE than manifesting your desires or “hitting numbers” (although that will happen too ;)). 


It’s saying goodbye to everything in your subconscious and in your energy that’s keeping you stuck on repeat. It removes what’s making you come back to the same familiar set-point that has you frustrated time and time again.  


It is THE healing modality that helps power through energy blocks so you can create faster transformations for your clients.


This revolutionary method will not only give you another tool to help your clients, but it will also help YOU move past your energy blocks so you can live a soul-led life.

Come join me in the FREE SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ Masterclass where you will tap into your own SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ in a very powerful way and participate in a guided SQ session with me.  


to wake up to your truth and unlimited possibility!


Access The SQ Training below!


as the ultimate bio-hack

(a soul-hack really!) 


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Why listen to me anyway!?

How I went from a drained corporate life to reconnecting with my true purpose.


I teach all about the power of living, loving, and leading from your SOUL INTELLIGENCE™.

I am a conscious leadership coach:

I also help coaches learn this new tool that I created to give themselves and their clients the gift of instant transformation: The power of leading, loving, living from SOUL INTELLIGENCE™. 


It was only once I discovered my own SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ that I could claim all of that.

Before that, I had worked for 25 years as a corporate turnaround specialist. I was using this method behind the scenes on my corporate clients! 

 I was making money and had just gotten a performance bonus. 

Things were FINE.

Then, out of nowhere, I unexpectedly lost my job (thanks to the vid!) for the first time in my entire life. Talk about a shock to the system. 


What I didn't share super loudly and publicly was the moment I got that termination phone call, I was with my husband who was undergoing a biopsy for cancer, which he did get. He's managed through that now, but it was pretty devastating.

I went through all of the “oh my’s” because I had never lost my job before. And having just earned a performance bonus–it was all so unexpected.


It took me a few months. But after I lost that job, I remember an extremely powerful meditation where I was actually moved to tears. Immediately afterward, I told my husband that I can't go back into that corporate life. 


I had to fulfill my calling. 


I thought I wouldn't be able to breathe if I went back there. 


I now know... It was because my SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ 

was screaming at me.

 It was my WHY. I felt like I no longer had a choice, I had to do this work, my true life's work. Ultimately, I think we're all here to help and serve one another in some way, and to love one another as we love ourselves.


Discovering my tried and true system of SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ is what ultimately helped me connect to my true purpose – helping others live a life of SOUL INTELLIGENCE™.


It is 100% possible to love yourself, love one another, love what you do, love how you do it, and love why you do it. 


I think a lot of us forget that we're actually human beings and not human doings, and we all get caught up in being busy. We go from activity to activity, packing our days so much so that we've lost that connection to the Divine, to one another, and to ourselves.

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Others needed to know about this. YOU need to know about this. 


I took everything that I learned in the corporate world and applied it to help you figure out where your energy is getting stuck. In fact, I used my SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ methodology behind the scenes in my corporate turn-around life where I streamlined people, processes, and technology.  

(I just didn’t whip out a book of charts and a pendulum in the boardroom!)  


The SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ Method is a new healing modality based on my years of experience doing energy work, my own spiritual path, and tailored to individual self-actualization and transcendence. 


I’ve helped dozens of individuals reclaim their Divine spark and align their souls to their true purpose and yes they become happier, more peaceful, and more alive in the process. 


I want that for you too. I want that for EVERYONE that you will help heal in this world. 

What I realized is that any “disturbance” in your system – be it mental, emotional, physical, and, yes, even spiritual – comes from blockages in your energy.  

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I want that for ALL because I know the relief, joy, and freedom that comes from living from your SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ – every single day. 


This is something you can use on yourself to connect to your Divine purpose and lead a soul-first business.


It’s also a powerful tool that will help you achieve faster transformations for your clients.  

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 FREE Training to align with your true purpose.

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Access the training below!

Here’s how others have experienced

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Our work together helped me to become ‘whole’ and so when I have an occasional human moment of lower vibration energy and emotions, it doesn’t take root.  It’s like it passes through me and goes away.

-Jayla K., RN BSN CCRN

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 Thank you for helping me overcome depression.  You’ve given me the gift of hope and healing.  Your unique skillsets encouraged me to take care of myself and improve my relationships

-Kim M.

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I would recommend  SOUL INTELLIGENCE™  because there are emotional components to every part of healthcare and our daily lives. If we don’t address the emotional component you’re missing a piece of having someone recover especially from an injury or a trauma that has affected their ability to do their daily duties, functions, take care of their family, things of that nature.  SOUL INTELLIGENCE™  has a way of addressing that emotional component of their health problems.

-Dr. S. Komsky

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What happened during my SQ session was incredible. I slept like a log, woke with a smile, and have felt a lightness of being unlike anything I have felt in a very long time. I now have hope that my light which was almost extinguished in my car crash, (at the depths of my hopelessness), is now being rekindled with the nourishment of connection to divine guidance and support. My deep appreciation to you and that you are doing this important work.

– Catherine

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