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Thank You!

Get ready for a waterfall of spiritual healing from 16 different healing leaders.

The summit will be LIVE on July 14th & 15th, 10am - 6pm EST

*a replay will be available until July 19th if you cannot make the live call, but only if you register.

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The Grand Healing Summit gathers over a dozen spiritual leaders and healers — and they’re showing up for YOU.

A waterfall of spiritual healing from 16 different healing leaders:

Hi, I’m your host,
Kristine Glein

I’ve put together this summit because I remember what it was like to lose my connection to the Divine within me. 


I worked for over 20 years as a corporate turnaround consultant. 


I thought I had it all — the career, the high salary, the nice house… 


It took losing my job for me to wake up and notice that I was missing the most important thing: 




Your Healers and Spiritual Guides:

Now I teach my revolutionary method of SOUL INTELLIGENCE — a process that lets you clear energy blocks and shift trauma without having to relive it. 


But there is never only one way to heal, or one way to connect with the Divine. 


That’s why I connected with 16 of the most inspirational healers and spiritual goddesses that I know, to help you start your journey back to yourself.  


I am so excited traverse these 2 spectacular days with you!



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Danielle Marggraf is a Mindset and Manifesting Expert and coach, Modern Day Healer, and a Spiritual Teacher on wealth Consciousness using the Universal Laws. She is the author of “Sacred Sh*t: How to Embrace Your Messy Humanity and Tap Into The Limitless Power of Your Soul”. Danielle is a sought-after speaker for organizations that want to bring Soul back into sales. She is a single mom to her daughter and son and you will most often find her at the beach, paddle boarding, or in her local bookstore.


Jan is a speaker, teacher, coach, writer, who helps big vision leaders and entrepreneurs learn to approach their business- and their life- from a place of authentic joy, playfulness, and presence.


As a leadership coach, mindfulness meditation teacher, former professional alpine ski instructor, and masterful student of life, Jan offers a unique blend and approach to her work including her signature process of The Happiness Prism™, through which she guides her clients to build a no regrets and legacy worthy life. 


As a keynote speaker, Jan consistently delivers energetic and inspirational talks that empower attendees to get clear on what truly brings them joy, to align their lives- and careers- with those values at the forefront, and to relentlessly pursue them.

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Janet has been inspiring others to fulfill their potential for over 25 years.  She delights in supporting others create what they need to live life more freely and happily, and fulfill their deepest heart’s desires with laughter and grace.  She is a Cosmic Guide, Spiritual and Energetic Coach, Quantum Healer, Ascension Guide, Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher, Karuna Reiki Master, and Visionary.


In groups, personal sessions, or in retreats, Janet’s natural ability to connect to, activate, and embody high vibrational energy creates an environment that opens the doorways for everyone to experience their own magnificence and mastery.


With her cosmic nature, intuitive mastery, and joyful heart, Janet helps people open up the world of infinite possibilities.  Old patterns, ideas, and traumas naturally dissolve at their source in the presence of higher and purer aspects of the Divine that Janet helps people connect to and use.  These embodied connections become an ever-expanding foundation and fuel source for experiencing life with unimaginable love, freedom, and joy.

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Colleen is a Certified and Authorized Level Three Akashic Records Consultant. Kwan Yin appeared in one of her early sessions with a client and showed her how to clear the Chakra system. This led her to the School for the Modern Mystic. She spent 2 years, learning in depth about the Chakra system and how to heal, clear and release the blocks and imbalances.


The next step for her, was the Angel Chatter Authorization where she became intimate with the Arch Angels that she had been seeing all of her life. Now she is Certified and Authorized as an Angel Intuitive. She is Reiki 2 Certified as well, which clarified my healing gifts. She was a preschool teacher for 25 years, and a Professional Artist since 2008.


She accesses the subconscious mind to find the beliefs that are keeping you repeating the same patterns over & over. Jolene coaches people to create lasting change in their life in 66 days based on beliefs & habits. 

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After 15 years designing the interiors of beautiful homes and offices, she took a break from work and focused on my most important client – her.  Her actual interior needed a reboot and found that in Feng Shui.


Working with and studying under a Feng Shui master practitioner helped her unlock a new and wonderful set of principles to combine with years of high-end design success. With these combined experiences, she delivers beautifully designed spaces that improve the lives of her clients, their families, or their employees.   


She experiences true inner joy when she see the impact of her recommendations or interior design project, on the life of her clients.  Her aim is to enhance far more than the appearance of their home or office, but to improve their well being and lifestyle in a way they had not imagined.


She has a certification in the BTB style of Feng Shui and Bau-Biology under Karen Rauch Carter and the Academy of Exquisite Living. She is a Graduate of the University of Notre Dame with a Bachelor of Arts Degree. She is a Professional Member of the International Feng Shui Guild (IFSG) and is a Certified Crystal Healer.


She desired to learn as much as she could about the body, mind and spirit. In 2012 she became an Integrative Holistic Health Coach. Shortly after, she began studying Naturopathy and in 2016 she became a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner. Although she is grateful for all that she learned through the Naturopathic studies, that broad scope was not where her passion was. She knew fairly quickly that she wanted to stay solely focused on flower alchemy. She discovered that working with flower essences and essential oils is where she feels the most complete and able to serve.​


In 2018 he traveled to Berkley, California to study natural perfumery under Mandy Aftel who is a brilliant Artisan Perfumer and natural perfume educator. The correlation between scent and emotions is profound. She also began using Color Light Therapy in her Custom Blends after intensive workshops on this subject enlightened her as to how our moods are affected by color.

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Colby Parish

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Colleen focuses on the 4 pillars that she finds so important to living a balanced, fulfilled, and spiritually guided life: Purpose, Relationships, Intuition, and Structure. 


She loves teaching her clients and students how to trust themselves, heal deeply yet with humor and lightness, and live confidently being themselves in the world, doing what they’d love and feel led to do by their own Spirit and intuition. 


Her mission is to help herself grow through these same lessons and tools she teaches others, to live in alignment and full of soul, to then let that ripple out to others so they, and you can do the same— live a fulfilled, God-connected life that brings you so much joy, and brings help to others here on the planet

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