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Kristine Glein is a conscious leadership coach, former corporate
turnaround specialist, and
leader of the Soul
Intelligence Movement.

Kristine teaches all about the power of living, loving, and leading from your SOUL INTELLIGENCE, and is dedicated to helping people align with their mission, vision, value, and purpose through the power of SOUL INTELLIGENCE.


Attention coaches who want soul-led transformations for you and your clients!

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The SOUL INTELLIGENCE method is the ultimate bio-hack. SQM is a powerful addition to any healing modality — like coaching, Reiki, meditation, theta, bodywork, sound, acupuncture, EFT, chiropractic, yoga, health, fitness, and more — by clearing away energy blockages to allow room for instant, deep, and lasting transformation

Specifically, it helps you clear away old beliefs that are no longer serving you, old patterns/archetypes that aren’t supporting you, and feelings that have been suppressed—so you can more easily go within and heal your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies.


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