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The SOUL INTELLIGENCE method is the
ultimate bio-hack.

Join me, Kristine Glein, in this FREE SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ Masterclass where you will learn about: 

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The secrets to running your life and business, instead of it running you!

How to clear away old beliefs, old patterns, and feelings that have been suppressed that are no longer serving you or your clients!  

Everything is energy. Learn how to use that energy to create a more soul-led life and business. 

LIVE on Tuesday, March 29, 2022 at
7pm Eastern / 4pm 

A replay will be available if you cannot make the live call, but only if you register.


Here’s how others have experienced

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 Thank you for helping me overcome depression.  You’ve given me the gift of hope and healing.  Your unique skillsets encouraged me to take care of myself and improve my relationships

-Kim M.

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I would recommend  SOUL INTELLIGENCE™  because there are emotional components to every part of healthcare and our daily lives. If we don’t address the emotional component you’re missing a piece of having someone recover especially from an injury or a trauma that has affected their ability to do their daily duties, functions, take care of their family, things of that nature.  SOUL INTELLIGENCE™  has a way of addressing that emotional component of their health problems.

-Dr. S. Komsky

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What happened during my SQ session was incredible. I slept like a log, woke with a smile, and have felt a lightness of being unlike anything I have felt in a very long time. I now have hope that my light which was almost extinguished in my car crash, (at the depths of my hopelessness), is now being rekindled with the nourishment of connection to divine guidance and support. My deep appreciation to you and that you are doing this important work.

– Catherine

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