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Watch the replay of the
Power of  Soul Intelligence Masterclass below.

If you want more SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ read below about a very powerful & intimate program I created for you. 

Become aligned to your true calling, your mission, your vision, your values, your purpose—YOUR WHY


Your body aches. Your mind is in a fog. 


You haven’t been in touch with your soul in what feels like a very long time. 


You wake up in the morning wondering if there is more, deeper… 

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Is there anything else? What is my true purpose?

Am I meant to listen to the voice whispering in my heart?


Am I meant to listen to the voice saying that the Divine put me on earth for something more? 


(You know the voice – the one that still dares to dream, and desires TRUE change. The one you’ve become so good at ignoring.) 


The reason you’ve been feeling stuck is because you literally are – your energy is blocked, and it’s creating a void of fear, pain, self-abandonment, and fatigue. 


So you say to yourself – If I get that car or a house, I’ll finally feel better. 


Or you think – If I just fall in love, or put everything I have into caring for my family, then it will all get better. 

The void you’ve been trying to
fill will not go away until you harness the power of your

I know, because I’ve been there before. 


I spent 25 years in the corporate world. 


Making money, rising up in the ranks. 


Everything was FINE. I felt GOOD. 


What I didn’t realize is that we are not meant for “just fine” or “good enough”.


We all have that Divine spark within us that is meant for something greater. 


Something that makes our heart sing and our soul soar.


But when you’ve spent years out of alignment with your SOUL INTELLIGENCE™, you lose track of what your purpose is, where YOU ARE. 

Image by Anthony Tran

Have You Felt?

Like your body is betraying you with chronic pain, stomach issues, headache, fatigue.

That it’s too late in life to claim your true purpose and live in alignment with your soul.

Absolutely depleted from years of putting yourself last, and devoting all your energy outwards.

Consumed by anxiety, and feelings of powerlessness.

Like you’re constantly reacting to your life, instead of making your true desires happen.

You’ve tried every method of healing and therapy, but nothing works in the long term.

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The SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ method gets to the root of what’s blocking your energy, so you can finally live in alignment.

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To say I’ve been feeling as if I have been riding a speeding wave ever since my session with Kristine is an understatement!

“Two hours after my session I found out about a family situation that has resulted in the throwing open of some communication doors. These conversations are helping everyone shed light on things as each person has unknowingly held a piece of the puzzle, resulting in ongoing clarity and healing. Separate to that, I have been feeling a surge of new clarity and focus in my work, and have received several new opportunities that are expanding my skillset and opening me up to new audiences. To say I’ve been feeling as if I have been riding a speeding wave ever since my session with Kristine is an understatement! Even though it is a speeding wave, I feel calm, centered, and grounded upon it, very safe, and guided. I highly recommend a session with Kristine….have your surfboard at the ready!”

-Dana M.

You’ve tried it all, but it hasn’t worked…

You’ve tried meditation, manifestation, medicine… 


It’s moved the needle but it hasn’t really worked. 


Maybe you feel better for a short while, but the void gnaws at you. 


The feeling that something is missing persists… 


Meditation helps calm your emotions and gives you energy… but why were you so anxious to begin with? 


Manifesting your deepest desires works wonders, but how do you know what desires are aligned with your SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ when you’re in a loop of self-doubt? 


Medicine can help the body heal, but what caused the dis-ease to begin with? 

No quick fixes will help you restore your inner balance and live in alignment with your true purpose.

I’m going to tell you a secret – the goal isn’t to feel happy all the time. 


I know that you’ve been sold the idea that the ultimate goal is “happiness”. 


But the truth is that happiness is just a feeling. Just another energy–another level of consciousness. 


Don't’ get me wrong–it’s a great one. I LOVE being happy. 


SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ doesn’t just work when things are going great in life and you’re feeling happy. 


It’s a method to ensure that you always keep the energy flowing. 


It helps you let go of the negative thoughts blocking you. 


It helps move heavy emotions through you, so they don’t stagnate and cause dis-ease within the body.


It helps to quell self-limiting beliefs and old self-destructive repeating patterns that cloud your vision.


It helps you process trauma WITHOUT having to relive it. 


So next time something negative happens, you can identify it and… 


Let. It. Go… 

SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ Method gives you the tools to be everything you were Divinely ordered to be.

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Although I worked in the corporate world for many years, I was always open to spiritual practices and healings. 

(Kind of like a spiritual secret agent.)


Like you, I’ve tried Reiki, meditation, yoga… anything that touches that spiritual side. 


I still do all those things, because they work.


But it wasn’t until I was in touch with my SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ where I felt like I was making a lasting change. 


I discovered that I was put on this earth to help other people align their purpose to their soul’s essence, and live every day intrinsically motivated with energy flowing like a river. 


I want that for you. 


Because when your energy is flowing and your soul is aligned, it makes deeper spiritual work succeed on a COSMIC level.

What is your Divine spark?

You are here – reading this page – for a reason.

The Divine has brought us together, and it’s no coincidence. 


Take this Divine nudge for what it is: 

A sign that you are meant for more and to not settle. 


You are WORTHY of living every day in full alignment with your true purpose. 


You have something special to offer this world. 


The SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ Method will give you the tools to live your purpose, AND help the people around you to live theirs. 


Together, we can help everyone live in their



One person at a time. 

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While working for Kristine, I was able to not only grow in my role - but also find a new level of independence and confidence within my own leadership capabilities.

“Kristine is an innovative thinker, culture builder, and leader. Her ability to empower her teams is incredible. While working for Kristine, I was able to not only grow in my role - but also find a new level of independence and confidence within my own leadership capabilities. She will challenge you and ask you to also challenge yourself. I woke up passionate every single day that I worked with Kristine, and was excited to unleash the potential of my teams. She believes in a culture of "yes", which can be rare to find.”

-Lisa P.

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Are you ready to shift the  collective consciousness with me?

You are here because there is some part of you that KNOWS all of this. 


You question what everyone accepts as reality, because you’re in touch with the spiritual side of you that hints at a wider understanding of existence.


It’s that part of you – your soul – that is ready and eager to accept the journey.


And here’s where the journey towards your SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ will take you: 


Imagine yourself in a place where you are truly aligned with your mission, your values, and your purpose. 


Unblocked by any previous tramas in this life or even past ones. 


You feel like you are a part of something bigger than yourself. 


That something is your soul purpose. 


And it’s filling you to overflowing. You no longer feel a void or like something is missing or just about to happen. 


You finally become a human BEING, not a human DOING. 


You are being all that you are meant to be. 


In a real balance. In a real sense of harmony...ongoing. 


People and events that had you spiraling before… they no longer trigger you. 


You’re not twisted in worry when things are going great, waiting for the shoe to drop. 


You accept happiness and joy as something that you DESERVE.


Your body works with you, not against you. 


You feel strong, and healthy, for the first time in a very long time. 


It doesn’t happen by accident. 


It happens because YOU put in the hard work to develop your

SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ and reclaim your Divine purpose. 


You identified the negative emotions, thoughts, and traumas that were clogging your energy. 


You let it all go… 


You made the space to achieve the things you never thought were possible. 


And now it’s your turn to carry that gift forward.

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Take my hand, and let’s discover your WHY.

It won’t be an easy journey. 


But I’m here with you, guiding you every step of the way. 


Because I want the world to receive the beautiful gift that is you.

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The SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ Method: Where the practical meets the spiritual

The SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ Method is a spiritual journey. It's also a proven method that is very grounded. 


It’s the WHY behind the WHAT.


There is nothing more important than that.  It’s what gives your life meaning. It’s not just your intuition, it’s your purpose.


I won’t just leave you there to meditate and think to yourself “why aren’t I feeling better yet?” 


The SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ Method includes a book of charts and a pendulum that guide and focus you towards operating in the higher frequencies of love and happiness. 


This training course will give you the tools to use

SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ not only for yourself, but for healing others as well.

The SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ Method will teach how to
lead your life with purpose, attracting everything you desire.

The focus is on YOU, but this course will also give you the power to help your family, friends, and clients with these same tools.



Because it works. 


You’ve spent your life developing your intelligence (IQ). Over the years you’ve worked on honing your emotional intelligence (EQ). 


It’s when you take the time to truly understand SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ (SQ) that you’ll find perfect harmony between your mind, heart, and soul.

These are just SOME of the benefits of the

Overcoming comparison and imposter syndrome

Releasing your emotions so negativity can’t affect you.

Being decisive, confident, and true to yourself.

Living as the highest version of yourself.

Developing the tools to allow your clients to achieve a state of balance and harmony.

Adding SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ to the many ways you help yourself and improve the lives around you.

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After experiencing her energy work, I have been able to work through several blocks in both my professional and personal life and am thankful (and surprised) by the positive changes.

“Kristine's drive to perfection and unwavering transparency inspired me to be a better leader day in and day out. For these reasons, I reached out to her for some guidance when I felt like I was hitting a wall with my professional career. After experiencing her energy work, I have been able to work through several blocks in both my professional and personal life and am thankful (and surprised) by the positive changes. I have never tried energy work before but would love to continue to experience the positive shifts, especially with the health challenges that I experience daily. I highly recommend Kristine in both capacities and would encourage anyone who has not experienced energy work before to give it a try! It is really beneficial!”

-Krystal D.

SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ is a journey of 9 months.

Image by Jackson David

9 months to discover layers of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual blockage.

Image by Luana da Silva

9 months to let it go, so that you can achieve what you currently feel is impossible.

Image by Mathilde Langevin

9 months to master the SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ method, so you can lead others through this journey, if you choose.

This is a hands-on course — we’ll work closely together twice a week for 9 months, including practicums. 


After you’ve completed the course you will become certified in the 



Whether you incorporate the SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ method in helping your clients heal, or you continue the journey within yourself, what I will teach you in this course will be with you for the rest of your life. 


I know you long for the day when you can finally say to yourself, “I AM ALL THAT I AM.” 


That moment where you WANT nothing more, but have a KNOWING that all of it is yours. 


That moment of peace. Of coherence. Of balance. 

Get ready to live out your most confident, powerful life with a deep sense of purpose.

 Many people are now waking up and recognizing that each of us is a unique expression, a unique aspect of the Divine having a human experience.  


And the greater truth is that we are all one.  


We are all energy, we all originate from that same spark of source.


SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ means being in alignment with your mission, vision, values, and purpose. 


 When you are out of  that alignment, you feel stuck, like your life has little meaning. 


You focus on accumulating STUFF and then wonder why those inanimate objects didn’t bring you happiness.


 You end up feeling like an out-of-tune piano, or a broken radio antenna. You can hear something, but it doesn’t sound quite right.  


You know it. You feel it.


The SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ Method is designed to clear out your limiting beliefs and harmful vibrations that are keeping you stuck in the same old, same old.


It’s about connecting to your authentic self, and your true purpose.

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Image by Velizar Ivanov

Most people are too scared to claim their true purpose.

Everyone questions the meaning of life. 


I’m sure you’ve felt for a LONG time now that there’s something more waiting for you. 


So why haven’t you claimed it? Why aren’t you living your true purpose? 


Is it the fear of going beyond your daily routines that’s keeping you stuck?


Is it the lack of confidence that makes you feel like you’re not worthy of a higher purpose?


It’s not your fault. 


Our communities don’t encourage us to align to our soul’s true purpose, because everyone else is emotionally stuck. Everyone else is too busy feeling their own pain to watch you blossom. 


At least, that’s how the world is now… 


The SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ method will teach you to clear out the limiting beliefs that society wraps around us. That you learned a long, long time ago.  


It will free you from the expectations of monotony and material success that are placed upon us from an early age. 

I’m only taking 10 people in this intimate and exclusive training. This will be the ONLY time I am conducting this training LIVE.

It is my hope that you – as a student of SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ – will in turn teach this method to 10 more wonderful souls.   


Together we can free the world from energies that cause harm.

Let me help you claim your Divine spark.

Instead of:

Feeling like there’s nothing more to life than the daily routine you’re stuck in… 

Learning to “deal with” the chronic fatigue, pain, and brain fog…

Continuing to chase happiness by acquiring things and giving yourself over to relationships that drain you…

Continually hitting roadblocks in your spiritual practices…  

You could be:

Reclaiming your higher purpose and living your authentic life every day.

Clearing the energy blockages that are manifesting as physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual pain.

Finding your happiness by doing the work you were always meant to do, and living in the love you were always meant to have.

Letting your energy flow so that your healing practices and connection to Source are amplified.

You can blossom into limitless opportunity.

Image by Laurice Manaligod

The power to change is in your hands.

There are only 10 spots available and I am doing this very purposefully to create an environment of immersion and involvement. 

I know if you feel that spark of energy, that you’re meant to be one of those 10 people, because you are ready to start living in alignment with your SOUL INTELLIGENCE™.

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I was able to reset boundaries and expectations in each relationship

“After our session yesterday, I have two big shifts with family members (my dad and my daughter) in separate interactions. … I was able to reset boundaries and expectations in each relationship, and although there was friction—I finally was able to do it!  …. I know that our work was a catalyst for these best and highest outcomes. Thank you!”

-Steve, Fortune 500 Company CFO

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Why me, Kristine Glein,

as your

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Hey! I’m Kristine Glein. I’m a conscious leadership coach, former corporate turnaround specialist, and I’m dedicated to helping leaders align their mission, vision, value, and purpose through the power of SOUL INTELLIGENCE™.


That Kristine Glein wasn’t always me. 


Until March 2020 I was working in corporate, and pouring all of my energy into work that didn’t feed my soul.


Actually, I was miserable – I just didn’t know it at the time. 


I felt the way most of my clients are feeling – like something’s missing. 


I was trying desperately to chase happiness, thinking that if I got a raise at work, if I bought more stuff, maybe I’d be happy. 


I had always been a spiritual person, but I found myself hitting a spiritual brick wall no matter how much I meditated.

In March 2020, everything changed and I embarked on the journey towards my true purpose.

I lost my job, and my world turned upside down.


What I didn't share super loudly and publicly was the moment I got that termination phone call, I was with my husband who was undergoing a biopsy for cancer, which he did get. He's managed through that now, but it was pretty devastating. 


After unexpectedly losing my job, I distinctly remember a powerful meditation where I was moved to tears. 


Immediately afterwards, I told my husband that I couldn't possibly go back into corporate life. 


I had to fulfill my calling. 


I thought I wouldn't be able to breathe if I went back there. 


I now know... It was because my SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ 

was screaming at me.


 It was my WHY. I felt like I no longer had a choice, like I had to do this work, my true life's work. Ultimately, I think we're all here to help and serve one another in some way, and to love one another as we love ourselves.


It is 100% possible to love yourself, love one another, love what you do, love how you do it, and love why you do it. 


I think a lot of us forget that we're actually human beings and not human doings, and we all get caught up in being busy. 


We go from activity to activity, packing our days so much so that we've lost that connection to the Divine, to one another, and to ourselves. 


What I realized is that any “disturbance” in your system be it mental, emotional, physical and, yes, even spiritual... comes from blockages in your energy.  


Others needed to know about this. YOU need to know about this. 


I took everything that I learned in the corporate world and applied it to helping you figure out where your energy is getting stuck.


In fact, I used my SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ methodology behind the scenes in my corporate turn-around life where I streamlined people, processes, and technology. 


I just didn’t whip out a book of charts and a pendulum in the boardroom! But with you I most definitely will!  


The SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ method is based on years of experience doing energy work, my own spiritual path, and tailored to individual self-actualization and transcendence. 


Think Maslow’s top tier of self actualization on steroids!

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I’ve helped dozens of individuals reclaim their Divine spark and align their soul to their true purpose and yes they become happier, more peaceful, and more alive in the process. 


I want that for you too. 


I want that for you because I know the relief, joy, and freedom that comes from living from your soul’s intelligence – every single day. 


This is something you can use to deepen your own spiritual practice, or if you are already in the healing space it’s such an amazing addition to your healing toolbox for your clients.

The SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ Method Training Course

A certificate program designed to help you and/or your clients achieve soul alignment.


To live, love, and lead your life from your SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ is to be connected to the best version of yourself.


It means being in touch with the Divine spark of light inside of yourself. 


Being in a greater state of awareness, consciousness, and a higher vibration of peace, love, and joy more often. 


In this training course, you will learn the SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ method inside and out. 


 The best way to learn is by going through the journey yourself, which is exactly what I’ll guide you through. 


From learning how energy flows in our body to identifying the limiting beliefs within us, this 9 month journey will completely transform how you live your life. 


For the last 3 months we’ll focus on how you can apply these new tools to helping others heal and release their emotional and spiritual blockages.

Here’s how
SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ has helped others:

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Our work together helped me to become ‘whole’

“Our work together helped me to become ‘whole’ and so when I have an occasional human moment of lower vibration energy and emotions, it doesn’t take root.  It’s like it passes through me and goes away.”

-Jayla K., RN BSN CCRN

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You’ve given me the gift of hope and healing.

 “Thank you for helping me overcome depression. You’ve given me the gift of hope and healing. Your unique skill sets encouraged me to take care of myself and improve my relationships.”

-Kim M.

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Soul Intelligence has a way of addressing that emotional component of their health problems without having to relive the trauma of the events that caused them.

“I would recommend Soul Intelligence because there are emotional components to every part of healthcare and our daily lives. If we don’t address the emotional component you’re missing a piece of having someone recover especially from an injury or a trauma that has affected their ability to do their daily duties, functions, take care of their family, things of that nature. Soul Intelligence has a way of addressing that emotional component of their health problems without having to relive the trauma of the events that caused them.”

-Dr. S. Komsky

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I now have hope that my light is now being rekindled with the nourishment of connection to Divine guidance and support

“What happened during my Soul Intelligence session was incredible. I slept like a log, woke with a smile, and have felt a lightness of being unlike anything I have felt in a very long time. I now have hope that my light which was almost extinguished in my car crash, (at the depths of my hopelessness), is now being rekindled with the nourishment of connection to Divine guidance and support. My deep appreciation to you and that you are doing this important work.”


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Image by Brooke Cagle

You can live in full fulfillment of your true purpose

Your soul is crying out for change. Listen to it.

The SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ Method Training Course Details :

The SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ Method is a 9 month program. It is a total deep dive into your Divine purpose and a complete and total training in the method. 


I’ll work with you and 9 other individuals as a group – to clear away the negative thoughts clogging your energy, and attune to your true purpose. 


The first 6 months of the program are meant as a comprehensive deep dive into the SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ method. From clearing family issues to understanding the mind-body connection better, you’ll learn everything about the method and how to apply it in your own life.


For the next 3 months of the course we will focus on how to spread the gift of the SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ method. I’ll guide you through running your own SQ sessions in different modalities like coaching, mentoring, or consulting, as well as how to incorporate the

SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ method in other healing practices. 


I want to make sure you are putting in the work and reaping the rewards, so upon successful completion of all the practicums and modules in the course, you’ll receive a Certificate as a


Here’s what you get:

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6 months of

learning the 


Clear your limiting beliefs so your energy can flow.

Address specific past traumas without having to relive them. 

Reclaim your Divine spark and your true purpose.

Learn about contrasting energies so you can find your balance.

RFM_Jan 17 2021_AnvilAdGroup_Headshots_480.jpg

3 months of training to be certified in the SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ METHOD

Learn to apply the SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ method both in person and virtually.

Integrate SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ into your existing healing practices so you can better serve yourself and your clients.

Gain certification in the SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ method.

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Private Slack Community

Create deep connections with the other souls in the very intimate 10 person training group.

Easily ask questions about the materials and share wins.

Collaborate with other like minded healers.

Easy access to Kristine Glein.


Ask questions about the content

review and practice what was taught in the previous weeks lessons

 interact with other students

share experiences and collaborate

exchange creative ways to use the

The training sessions will be held at 7PM EST/ 4PM PST every Monday for one hour. I highly recommend you attend live. If you cannot make the live training there will be replays available for you. 


In addition, there will be one group coaching session held every Thursday at 4PM EST/ 1PM PST where you will have the opportunity to:

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Image by Eepeng Cheong



You will gain a full understanding of what SOUL INTELLIGENCE is and why it is such a powerful tool in your toolbox.

We will take time removing imprints from your mind, body, and soul. Remember, we are not re-experiencing trauma. This is a full let go from a state of higher consciousness.

We will address what is happening to you on a mental, emotional, physical, cellular, and spiritual level.

You will learn the difference and power behind your IQ, EQ, and SQ.

You will learn about the quantum field and how it affects your everyday life.



During the first month, you will be focusing on understanding the fundamentals of


Learning to trust your intuition

Who or what is your Higher Self,? Connecting with Higher Self, Agreeing with your Higher Self

Clearing Statements and Prayers

Set Up—Steps for Energy Alignment

Clearing for someone in Person, via Zoom, or not Present

Energy, Emotion, Thoughts, Self Limiting Beliefs

Time is spatial, not linear–and what that means

Universes, Dimensions, Lifetimes, Timelines

Bringing Someone 100% Into the Light

Image by William Farlow
Image by Avel Chuklanov



You’ll start to establish deeper practices with the help of charts, as well as gain a better understanding of the dichotomic energies that surround us. 

Overview of all Charts

Basic Clearing

Negative Imprints

Initial Clearing for All

General Clearing

Balancing Energy



You build on your momentum and gain a deeper insight into different healing modalities and tools.

Downloading positive energies, emotions, and healing

Power of asking questions

Timelines—dimensions, past life, future life, parallel life, etc.

Archetypes—patterns that support or challenge us

Levels of support—plants, animals, stones, sound, (theta)

Bacteria—guilt, Virus—worthiness, Fungus—resentment

Image by Bekir Dönmez
Image by Jasmin Ne



During this intense month, you’ll examine the vows, contracts, and curses that we have inadvertently entered into and that are blocking our energy.

Vows, contracts, curses

Spiritual Blocks

Upgrade to Higher Council

Cellular makeup

Levels of Consciousness

Disorders—Mental, Behavioral, Neurological



In the fifth month, we’ll explore creative avenues to applying SOUL INTELLIGENCE™, as well as specific clearing rituals.

Chakra + Space Clearing

Animal and Pet Clearing

Parents, Ancestors & Hereditary Clearing


Adrenochrome and Essence Return

Career & Work Issues—People and Businesses

Masculine & Feminine Balancing

Themed Clearings

Image by Jared Rice
Image by Marcos Paulo Prado



After 5 months of training, it’s time to demonstrate what you’ve learned. By the end of this month and after successfully completing your three-month practicum, you will receive certification as a SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ Method Practitioner.

Recorded Practicum Sessions

Releasing Entities

Sessions with Others

Certification as SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ Method Practitioner



As a SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ Practitioner, you now have the tools to teach what you’ve learned. This month will cover the 101 on being a coach.

Coaching vs. Counseling

Coaching 101

Coaching Models (LQAF, DISCO)


Law of Consciousness

Universal Laws

RFM_Jan 17 2021_AnvilAdGroup_Headshots_466_edited.jpg
Image by Olimpo Ávila Salazar



You’ll learn how to navigate conflict and manage your emotions as you help others release theirs.

How to navigate any conflict

How to take care of yourself when there is intense energy.

How to work with difficult clients



This month gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your ability to guide others through the SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ Method.

Perform Successful Clearings

Different types of sessions


Healing with Parents or Self Limiting Beliefs

Chakra Session

Vow/Contract/Curse Removal

Entity Removal from a Physical Space

Upgrade High Self

Lifeforce Stealing

Releasing Multiple Souls

Certification as SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ Method Practitioner

Image by Aditya Saxena


This is my way of giving you more.

I designed the SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ Method training course to be comprehensive, but I’m always excited to provide you with even more tools.

If you reserve your spot before 8pm on January 20th you will receive

$500 off the total price of this program.

If you are one of the first 3 people to enroll you receive a

1:1 SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ session with me!


If you  pay in full, you will also receive an exclusive

Full Day Virtual VIP Business & Brand Accelerator

with members of my own team.

Image by Gautier Salles

AND you will receive a seat at my first ever

In-Person SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ Retreat in Sedona, AZ

this fall! (Dates to be determined and hotel, travel, meals are not included)

Remember – this course is only open to 10 people, so sign up sooner rather than later!!!

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Your investment to fulfill your higher purpose:

I built the SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ Method training program because it is MY true purpose. 


It is my WHY. 


I also know that it’s the only method of its kind that allows people to truly let go of the things that are blocking them and realize their full potential.


An investment in SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ is an investment for life.

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This morning when my wife and I woke up, we were able to have a deep connecting conversation.

“Thanks so much Kristine! I have felt a shift already. This morning when my wife and I woke up, we were able to have a deep connecting conversation. It felt like the energy exchange between us was much more open, much more receptive, and more honest. I also had a really deep 30 minute deep conversation with my daughter yesterday evening after the session. We all look forward to working with you and doing the work to live our best, most abundant, and heart centered life.”

-Rick J.

What it’s worth:

6 months of SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ training = $20,000

3 months certification as a SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ Coach = $8,000

The ability to reclaim your higher purpose = PRICELESS

Total worth: At LEAST $28,000

Your investment:


Pay in Full of

THIS FAST ACTION BONUS PRICE CHANGES TO $8,497 on Thursday, January 20th @8pm EST

9 Payments of


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And Don't Forget About the Pay in Full BONUSES!!


If you  pay in full, you will also receive an exclusive full day virtual VIP business & brand accelerator with members of my own team.

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AND you will receive a seat at my first ever in-person Sedona, AZ Retreat this fall!


(hotel, travel, meals are not included)

Your Investment
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This is for you if:

You feel like your body is betraying you with chronic pain, stomach issues, headache, fatigue.

You’re a healer who desires a more powerful tool for yourself and your clients.

You’re absolutely depleted from years of putting yourself last, and devoting all your energy outwards.

You’re consumed by anxiety, and feelings of restlessness.

You feel like you’re constantly reacting to your life, instead of making your true desires happen.

You’ve tried every method of healing and therapy, but nothing works in the long term.

What The
Method Course Gives You:

A certification as a SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ practitioner.

The ability to amplify your healing and get better results for your clients.

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Extensive training in the SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ method.

Become aligned to your true calling, your mission, your vision, your values, your purpose—YOUR WHY.

Discover your why and connect with your Divine spark