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Attention coaches who want soul-led transformations for you and your clients!

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Thank You!

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Get ready to receive...

A way to lead and love from the soul… these are tools for life!

A magical community of spiritual beings like yourself who are committed to the why behind the what.

Guidance from me on how to apply the SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ method to your everyday life.

A space that exists for YOU. That nourishes YOU.


This Program Includes:

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The SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ Accelerator details

The SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ Accelerator is a 3-month program that focuses on healing your connection to self, wealth, health, and relationships, so you can experience deep and lasting wellness. 


These four pillars of your being can either become walls that keep you stuck, or they can become the foundation through which you build and LIVE your ideal life.


12 Weekly SOUL INTELLIGENCE™ Group Sessions

that work gently to release your energy blockages and help you regain flow. Where we will also work together to move past some of our limiting beliefs, and workshop how we can incorporate the teachings of the month into our daily lives. 


One Group Soul Sync Session Per Month

This is a sacred space where the group can take some time together to discuss the monthly topic, talk about journal prompts, and discover what’s shifted for them over the month. This is THE space where spiritual people connect, and friendships are forged.  


One Full or New Moon Meditation Per Month

to align your intentions with the Universe.

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Private Slack Community

Access to a private Slack channel for discussing the program, connecting, laughing, and crying together.


Library Access

Library access to all sessions, in case you miss a session or need to review.


Guest Speakers

Guest speakers who will be sharing their knowledge with us.

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This is the nourishment you’ll receive:



This is the yummiest part of the program. 

Life is a relationship. Relationship to oneself, others, nature, the past, the present, the future.


Once you’ve fostered a deeper connection within, you’ll find that your relationships are more effortless, and that you’re able to nurture a deeper connection with those around you. 


You’ll build a solid foundation in your marriage, your friendships, and your relationships with your family. 


Imagine: relationships will no longer trigger you. Instead, they will NOURISH you as you cultivate your community.

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Create a space to nourish yourself. 

It doesn’t feel selfish — it’s essential.

It’s not about adding a list of things you “should” do, or chasing how you “should” feel. It’s about having a deeper mind-body-soul connection that brings you balance and joy.


You’ll feel more energized throughout the day, and you’ll no longer feel attached to under/over eating and sleeping, and other addictive behaviors.


It’s time for you to have mastery over your own health, and you’ll start to open up to greater psychic gifts, intuition, healing. The real magic will be the ability to really listen within and receive gifts from the Universe.



This month is all about working together to create a game-changing plan for personal development, in all areas of life. It’s about running your life, instead of your life running you. 


Your relationship with money and material possessions will completely transform. You will relate to money from a place of security and abundance, rather than lack and fear. 


Respark your creativity and feel connected again to that childlike manifestation ability where you dare to not only dream, but work towards making them a reality. 


It’s all about I CAN, and I WILL.

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